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BINBREEZE Compost Odour Remover

BINBREEZE Compost Odour Remover

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BinBreeze Indoor Compost Powder effectively dehydrate and compost fruit flies, neutralizes odour, soaks up excess moisture to slow and prevent rot and mould growth, and makes great soil once it is fully composted. It is a safe and easy way to eliminate odours from indoor composting units, or your counter bins used to house food scraps before they are taken out to the compost pile. All you need is a spoonful of BinBreeze after each addition of food scrap.

One 750G box lasts about 80 uses or one to two months, depending on your amount of composting.

Ingredients: clean organic wood waste, food-grade diatomaceous earth, food-grade zeolite minerals, essential oils blend (for scented versions)

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