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CAFFITALY Coffee Pod - Box/10

CAFFITALY Coffee Pod - Box/10

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Disposable coffee pods for the Caffitaly Espresso system. Each sleeve contains 10 pods.

DELICATO (DE-CAF): 100% Arabica Decafeinated espresso with a full, velvety taste that does not alter the intense aroma of the coffee. To be enjoyed at any time, thanks to its less than 0,1% content in caffeine. 7/10 intensity.

CREMOSO: The full, rich aroma of pure 100% Arabica of Central-South American origin is brought out by the soft, velvety cream that covers the coffee. An ideal blend to accompany any pleasant break. 5/10 intensity.

MORBIDO: Careful selection of the best Arabica (70%) and Robusta (30%) gives this blend a harmonious and rounded taste. Excellent to drink by itself, but also perfect for a rich cappuccino, latte or even a great iced coffee! 6/10 intensity.

CORPOSO: A Blend of 55% Asian and African Robusta with a strong, well-defined temperament, softened by the presence of 45% Arabica to bring out its aromatic qualities. This coffee provides the perfect energy boost. 9/10 intensity.

ARMONIOSO: This blend produces a well-balanced espresso composed with the 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta coffees. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independant guarantee that this product has been traded in accordance with International Fairtrade Standards. 7/10 intensity

DELIZIOSO: 100% Arabica offering a coffee that is sweet, and delicate, balanced, sweetened by hints of cacao, fruit and almonds. 7/10 intensity.

*KAAPI ROYALE: From the Indian highlands of Karnataka, a 100% Robusta espresso with an intense aroma and a strong taste, with notes of chocolate, spices, cereals and woods is born. Thanks to the high altitude and the soil nature of the plantation from which it comes, this blend has a maximum creaminess of an intense brown color. With low acidity and a sweet-bitter taste. 10/10 intensity.

MOCACCINO: Delicious cappuccino-flavored drink with a touch of bitter cocoa, for a tasty break. Mocaccino combines the aroma of our coffee with the deliciousness of cocoa powder and a soft cream of milk.

*CUBA: Selected 100% Arabica Coffee from the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Cuba. This coffee is intense with a lot of body. It offer a balanced taste, sweetened by notes of cocoa and an hint of pipe tobacco. 8/10 intensity.

*MESSICO: One of the all-time favorites, this 100% Arabica coffee from Mexico's Puebla highlands is incredibly balanced, offering a sweet taste, silky crema, dense body and intense aroma with notes of dark chocolate. 7/10 intensity.

ADAGIO: A 100% Arabica blend from South American and Ethiopian plantations. The latter variety gives it a typical sweet and delicate aroma, with floral notes.  7/10 intensity.

CRESCENDO: A 100% Arabica blend from the finest Arabica coffee grown in Central and South America. This blend gives an espresso with a unique structured aroma, which is also sweet, with fruity notes and delicate hints of cocoa and hazelnut. 8/10 intensity.


*Single origin collection*

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