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BODUM Pavina Double Walled Glass - Set/2

BODUM Pavina Double Walled Glass - Set/2

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Treat your table to a fresh new look with Bodum's Pavina double wall glasses. These stylish tumblers make every drink look like a work of art, as the innovative double wall design creates a floating effect on your favourite beverage.

But these award-winning tumblers are individually mouth-blown from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, these double wall glasses keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. There’s a silicone vent at the base of each glass that equalizes the air pressure between the two glass layers when hot or cold liquids are added.

That means no more burnt fingers from picking up a hot cup of coffee, and no messy condensation. Lightweight and comfortable to hold, these trusty tumblers offer countless serving possibilities, from coffee, tea and hot chocolate to cold brew, soda, cocktails and desserts! 12 oz capacity

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