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CHEESE MAKER Cheddar Cheese Kit

CHEESE MAKER Cheddar Cheese Kit

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Make a full wheel of cheddar using this easy to follow recipe and fully equipped kit. There's enough ingredients to make 10 full batches, equivalent of 10 pounds of cheese. You can age your cheddar in the fridge using the coating provided to create a mild, medium or old cheese. Additionally, you can infuse your cheese however you’d like! Try Jalapenos, Herb & Garlic, Whiskey, Beer, Wine or Liquid Smoke. The kit comes with a fitted mold and pressing lid.

Please note: There is no press with the Cheddar, You need to provide the weights for pressing. 

Hands-On time: 3-4 Hours

Total time from start to finish: 2-3 days


  • Cheesecloth

  • Milk Thermometer

  • Cheese Mold (for Shaping your Cheese)

  • Follower (Lid) for Pressing your Cheese

  • Microbial (Vegetarian) Rennet

  • Bacterial Culture (MA 11 Culture)

  • Calcium Chloride

  • Fine Salt (for Salting & Brining)

  • Recipe Booklet (With helpful hints and Pictures)

  • Hard Wax Coating & Soft Brush (for Waxing & Aging your Cheese)

  • Wire (for cutting the cheese)
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