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OXO Pop-Top Container

OXO Pop-Top Container

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Get an airtight seal with the press of a button! The Pop-Top Containers feature an accessories attachment on the base of each lid to store scoops, levelers and more. Containers are stackable for optimal countertop and pantry organization, and corners allow for easy pouring. Pop-up button serves as handle to lift off lid as well!

Not sure what sizes to get? Check out the sizes and storage suggestions:

Square 0.2L - 7.95 x 7.95 x 7.95 cm
Ideal size for spices, bouillon and seeds.

Square 0.4L - 8.89 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm
Ideal size for spices, dried chilies, bouillon and more. 

Rectangular 0.4L - 7.95 x 7.95 x 15.87 cm
The slim design allows it to fit in tight spaces. 

Square 0.5L - 8.3 x 8.3 x 15.9cm
Ideal size for spices, baking soda, bouillon, and chocolate chips.

Rectangular 0.6L - 10.8 x 15.9 x 7.9cm
Ideal size for tea bags, candy, and sugar cubes.

Square .8L - 23.83 x 7.95 x 7.95 cm
Ideal size for pasta, beans, and straws.

Square 1L - 16.51 x 9.52 x 9.52 cm
Ideal size for a standard 1lb box of brown sugar.

Rectangular 1.1L - 8.3 x 15.9 x 15.9cm
Ideal size for rice, quinoa, small pasta noodles; The slim design allows it to fit in tight spaces.

Square 1.6L - 25.15 x 10.41 x 10.41 cm
Ideal size for granola, beans, and licorice.

Rectangular 1.6L - 8.38 x 9.14 x 14.48 cm
Ideal size for a 1lb bag of coffee beans. 

Rectangular 1.8L - 8.3 x 15.9 x 24.1cm
Ideal size for Popcorn, Chips, Spaghetti; The slim design allows it to fit in tight spaces

Square 2.1L - 32.08 x 9.52 x 9.52 cm
Ideal size for spaghetti, linguini, lasagna.

Square 2.6L - 15.87 x 14.60 x 14.60 cm
Ideal size for rice, cookies, crackers and more.

Rectangular 2.6L - 25.40 x 10.03 x 15.37 cm
Ideal size for rice, pasta, breadsticks and more.

Rectangular 3.5L -10.8 x 15.9 x 32cm
Ideal size for boxed cereal, lasagna

Square 4.2L - 8.38 x 9.14 x 14.48 cm
Ideal size for a 5lb bag of flour or sugar.

Square 5.7L - 31.50 x 15.87 x 15.87 cm
Ideal size for bulk cereals, pretzels, and chips.

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