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PEUGEOT U'Select Paris Pepper Mill - Chocolate

PEUGEOT U'Select Paris Pepper Mill - Chocolate

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Release the aromas and heat of whole peppercorns with this chocolate-colored Paris u'Select pepper grinder. From coarse to fine, the peppercorns will release an infinite range of aromas to bring the greatest pleasures to your taste buds. Freshly ground always tastes better because pepper must be ground at the last moment to enjoy the full benefit! The U’Select grind adjustment system offers six pre-set options to find the most precise coarseness that will best suit your culinary creations. Made from local beech wood with a golden knob printed with the brand's lion head in black, for pepper. As always, a lifetime warranty on Peugeot Mills. Made in France

Tip: Finely ground, peppercorns will release more flavors and heat, while a coarser grind will bring out more intensity and texture.


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