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SWISS DIAMOND XD Non-Stick Fry Pan - 20 cm

SWISS DIAMOND XD Non-Stick Fry Pan - 20 cm

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20 cm, non-stick Fry Pan

Swiss Diamond’s new XD diamond-reinforced coating features an extra thick, cast aluminum body, 20 percent more diamonds, and 40 percent better food release than previous coatings. Providing trouble-free cooking and easy cleanup, the Swiss Diamond 8” Fry Pan is small enough to be easy to store but provides an ideal everyday cooking surface. If you’re looking to prepare healthier dishes, this pan is your new right hand. With a significantly tougher PFOA free cooking surface and superior food release properties, Swiss Diamond is designed to be used with little to no cooking oils or butters.

And just when you thought Swiss Diamond couldn’t be better, this XD coating provides this 8” pan with optimum heat transferability. Because this pan transfers heat so efficiently, you never need to use more than low-medium heat. Whether you’re whipping up your go-to omelet for breakfast or baking a mouthwatering skillet brownie in the oven, this fry pan is sure to meet all of your needs

 Made in Switzerland.

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